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Audio Description

Audio Description Overview

Audio description is a technique that allows material that is both visual and auditory to be made accessible to those who have difficulty accessing visual information. This can be accomplished by inserting narrated explanations of the content's key visual elements into pauses in the audio of:

  • Television programs
  • Films
  • Digital media including streaming media and DVDs
  • Live performances and events
  • Museums, exhibits, and tours

Audio description (often called video description when it is used to describe video or television content) can be used to make information more accessible for those who:

  • are blind or visually impaired
  • have learning differences
  • are on the autism spectrum
  • are learning English as a second language

This overview was designed by Bridge Multimedia as a digital resource to help promote audio description and follow its emerging potential, both technologically and socially.

This audio description overview consists of the following sections:

What Can Audio Description Be Used For?

Audio Description for Education-Based Media

Bridge's Current Video Description Grant from the Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

Audio Description News

Audio Description Articles

Bridge's Audio Description Partners and Friends

Bridge's Audio Description Demonstration Gallery

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