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Inquiry-based Science for Autistic Learners

A Multimedia Literacy Tool for Students With Autism

Project Report
by Judy Vesel, Project Director, TERC, and Tara Robillard, Senior Researcher, TERC


The objective of this project was to research and develop a prototype Web-based interactive assistive tool to help high functioning students (those close to grade level) in grades 4-6 with autism engage in inquiry-based science learning. Research and development took place over the 12-month period between June 2010 and June 2011 and included the following goals:

  1. Design and develop a proof-of-concept interactive multimedia literacy tool.
  2. Study the usability of the tool and begin to identify the degree to which it offers autistic learners access to standards-based science content.

Project Partners

The project was an ongoing collaboration between TERC and Bridge Multimedia. As a New York City-based content services company, Bridge Multimedia produces accessible media for television, the Web, and educational gaming technology. They provided human voice narration of the text-based elements. They also connected the team to professionals with expertise in working with members of the target population. These individuals reviewed the materials and tested them in classroom settings.

For the project, TERC was responsible for the design and development of the multimedia tool and related materials. They were also responsible for the collection, management, and analysis of data, for writing the final report of findings, and for identifying lines for subsequent research and development.

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